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  • How to instantly add "atomic" power to your golf swing-- no matter what your size and strength. It's the power golf swing tip that all pros understand (but very few beginners) and allows even small frail guys to crush 300+ yard drives with pinpoint accuracy.
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  • Learn a Pro-Level golf tip of using a short piece of nylon rope to "retrain your swing engine". Not one in a thousand pros knows this golf tip that will - in a couple minutes - add 15 to 20 yards to your drives. (This is how top-level playing pros get club head speeds of 135 to 140 mph.)
  • Discover the "Alignment Illusion" -- and learn fast and simple golf tips that dissolve the alignment illusion in seconds. Few golf instructors even know what the "alignment illusion" is. Yet, it is the most common cause of problems like the "over the top" swing, "throwing the hands" and the dreaded pop up shot. (This golf tip will dissolve the illusion with an easy set up method. Watch your accuracy improve with every shot.)
  • The "Loading-The-Feet" Golf Swing Tip. Learn to systematically eliminate all the power leaks in your swing so that every move, twist and turn is adding to your golf swing power and not leaching it off. These golf tips start with a ridiculously simple method of "loading the feet". Knowing this will help you discover why a 130lb. golfer can crush the ball hitting it harder than a 220lb hacker. It's technique! A simple golf swing tip you'll be learning shortly.
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